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Order portion food delivery, from top-rated local restaurants

Best suited for work-from-home and 9-to-5 busy person, HalfPosh delivers portion food from top-rated local restaurants right to you in minutes, so you can eat light and stay productive throughout your work day. 

Get the app and start ordering amazing and healthy portion food from top local restaurants. Sign up through the app, and enjoy a no-commitment free trial. Order with ease and expect delivery within minutes.

HalfPosh is currently available in select neighborhoods. Not yet available in your area? Message us. We hope to be soon!

For more information or have any direct feedback, please drop us a note or simply open HalfPosh app and DM us.

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p.s. your food is transported in advanced electric vehicles operated by an in-house designated team per service area, in partnership with top-rated local restaurants. HalfPosh is headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

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