Order portioned eats from local restaurants delivered to you, with the HalfPosh app.


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Best suited for work-at-home warriors, remote rock-stars, and 9-to-5 busy bees. #EatLightStayProductive


Satisfy your cravings with portioned eats from top local restaurants.


Order for now or at specified later time, Cici (AI bot) makes it easy.


Your food is transported in advanced electric vehicles to you, in minutes.


Skip the Tip & Delivery Fee.

Delivery Hours: Mon – Thur. 11am – 4pm.

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About HalfPosh

By connecting local restaurants and busy professionals for better food consumption, HalfPosh operates as a dedicated team per service area with its own fleet of EV vehicles partnering with top local restaurants to deliver portioned eats. HalfPosh is headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, California.