“Eat Light. Stay Productive.”

Inspired by the work lifestyle of our founder Ema Chuku, HalfPosh was introduced on a simple concept: To provide home based entrepreneurs and freelancers with quality portioned eats from local restaurants, so they can eat, work and stay productive, while they are in work mode. Today, not only has this been its core mission, but it also has helped its partnering restaurants reduce food waste while growing its operations.
Launched in Fall of 2018, HalfPosh delivers portioned meals from top local restaurants to busy professionals, while they are at work. Our mission is to enhance how people consume food and beverage. By connecting local restaurants and consumers on an efficient food consumption concept, we create a next generation platform that operates with transparency, while minimizing food waste. Our vision is to see a world for better food consumption.
At HalfPosh, we function as a designated small team per service area company with our own fleet of EV vehicles partnering with top local restaurants to deliver portioned eats. HalfPosh is headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

As Seen in Media

“HalfPosh Delivers Half-Portion Meals so You Won’t Feel Overstuffed”

“Food Delivery Startup HalfPosh Serves its Market Niche in Portions”

HalfPosh Main Office Location: 2200 S. Figueroa St Los Angeles, California.