Top 3 Ranked Burger Options

Think burger sandwiches are anti-dieting eats? Making you tick off the choice when you are on a crave mode? Think again. Want our advice? Stop putting them off and enjoy one like you would enjoy an oatmeal. We will share with you why…

Burger, to begin with, is a patty sandwiched between a bun. They are usually topped with yummies like bacon and mayo, or veggies like tomatoes and onions, or they simply come with no addictions (do not piss of the chef). The bottom line is burgers can be served as healthy as you want them, although in general, ordering a basic burger sandwich can give you a run of time when it comes to deciding which one to choose from the menu.

But do not sweat. We have lined up the stacks on argument on the top 3 burgers (from healthy to well, healthiest) to dwell on this summer (worry about the winter later). Oh yeah, may we remind you in our ranking this lists, we took into consideration burgers ordered from gourmet restaurants. So when you’re looking at the menu at one restaurant or an ordering-platform, this is a good guidance to making that earthly-tough decision.

Beef Burger: This is a no brainer, beef is one of the best sources of B12, a vitamin essential to the production of red blood cells and energy (yes we know you looking at us, you vegans!). Just make sure when choosing a beef burger, go for grass-fed (better yet grass-finished, grass-fed usually contains GMO to boot because the animals are fed corn and soy in last months to maturity). Yes it will cost you more, but hey, the best stuff don’t come cheap, they say.

Veggie Burger: And here we have it! Veggie burgers might be all the craze these days, however, our team are torn between placing above the beef burgers rather than below. But a flip of coin makes the choice. Veggie burgers reduces exposure to heterocyclic amines, the carcinogens created when meat is heated on the grill at high temperatures. Although veggie burgers are typically a great way to skip the artery-clogging saturated fats when used to replace hamburgers, be warned that most veggies burgers are just as high in calories, and are mostly pre-made (containing lots of oil and sodium), and some are made with soy and stuffed with legumes.

Salmon Burger: Last but not the least, is our top favorite. A salmon burger could be just what the cardiologist or doctor orders. Perhaps has to do with it simply being that salmon is an MVP when it comes to proteins and omega-3 (fatty acids that helps lower heart disease risk). Aside from it all, the American Heart Association recommends we eat cold water fatty fish twice a week. So there you have your excuse. Just make sure what’s on your plate is wild salmon (if pre-made, skip the fillers or dyes).

OK that’s all the education you need for now. Now craving a quick eat? Open the HalfPosh app to order an eat. Your order may well be on us.

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