Our Frequently Asked Questions

Why HalfPosh?

HalfPosh was introduced to serve busy professionals who work long hours in front of their computers, mostly from home or private workplaces, and want to eat light meals in order to stay and work effectively. Today, its users encompasses busy and health-conscious consumers.

How Do I Join?

Simply visit your mobile device app store to download the HalfPosh app. Sign up to create your account. That’s it. Only takes less than 2 minutes.

How Does it Work?

Every week HalfPosh showcases eats from top local restaurants to choose from. Open the HalfPosh app to explore this week’s menu.¬†When you find something you like, simply tap the message-icon to text Cici (bot assistant) item number and address.¬†After the restaurant preps your meal, an in-house HalfPosh driver will bring your eats to you. Enjoy your meal delivered within 45 mins.

Where Can I Use HalfPosh?

HalfPosh is available for residents in urban city areas. You simply just open the app to locate availability in your area. Don’t see any? Reach out to us to tell us your location.

Who are HalfPosh Drivers?

Unlike other delivery platforms where anyone with a smartphone and a vehicle delivers your food. HalfPosh maintains its own fleet of delivery vehicles and in-house drivers for its food delivery service. You can be rest assured we take your food delivery quality seriously.

Is HalfPosh a bot or AI?

No, HalfPosh is team of people with an advanced working culture.

How Much Does it Cost?

There’s no commitment to using HalfPosh and you can stop your delivery subscription anytime. Simply sign up to explore menu and place orders. Your credit card is charged after every fulfilled food-order placed.

Where’s HalfPosh located?

We are headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Have more questions? Reach us